No Short Term Home-Sharing Rentals In My Neighborhood

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No Short Term Home-Sharing Rentals In My Neighborhood

My Home-Sharing Rental is a spot where I can get away from the hassles of ordinary life. Including playing a round of golf, construct a sandcastle with my grandchildren, or just sleep by my pool. After all, I worked hard all my life and paid my dues to get to this point in my life.

Situated in the beautiful community of Island Crossing in Merritt Island. Our home is very close to Kelly Park and a five-minute drive to Cape Canaveral and Cocoa Beach

My family gets very excited when we travel to Florida. It’s hard to contain our selfs as I get closer to my vacation home. However, I have noticed that some of the homeowners in my area do not share the same enthusiasm.

To find out why I surveyed my neighbours and found that most of them could not recount the last time they went to the beach. They just do not go that often anymore and take the beach for granted. To them, the ocean is an everyday occurrence. It is not a special attraction like it is to visitors from up north.

Vacationers who go to Florida in the winter months all desire a comfortable place to stay. Within proximity to the beach and restaurants. Especially if they are on a relatively short getaway such as for a week or fortnight.

Perhaps such vacationers are more suited for hotels or designated rental areas closer to the beach. Typically, they have the same mindset as others who are there for short holidays. Most and are willing to tolerate the hustle and bustle of everyday enjoyment. It would seem obvious that residential areas may not be ideal locations for weekly vacation or home-sharing rentals.

Soon I learned, my community does not appreciate homeowners that do weekly or short term home-sharing rentals. They frown upon such owners, and it is not difficult to understand why. Sometimes its is not a good experience for an owner, nor for the community as a whole.

Our property is both a personal vacation home and Airbnb home-sharing investment. We are not fully retired, and so we also do a little vacation or home-sharing renting to offset the cost of ownership. Moreover, it is good to have someone in the house whenever we are not vacationing there. However, to maintain our standing in the community, we avoid weekly and short term home- sharing.

Allow me to mention below some of the reasons why I am not a fan of short-term rentals. Before doing so, I want to say that not all short-term renters are irresponsible. But as the saying goes, “it only takes a few bad apples to spoil the whole bunch.”

Reasons why I am not a fan of Airbnb short-term rentals

– Short-term vacation homes are often seen by SOME as the perfect ‘party’ venues for groups of young (and not so young) people. Some weekly renters seldom treat your property with the same care and respect as their own. They approach weekly rentals as if they are staying in an inexpensive hotel.

– Some people who rent short term do not have the same attitude as those who rent for 30 to 90 days. Weekenders come in with primarily one thing in mind, “we are here for a week of sun and fun, and we are going to go all out.” They have little respect for the neighbourhood or your neighbours. They arrive with an attitude of “I paid my money, and I will do what I want.”

No weekly vacation rentals

Vacation renters having a good time in the pool

– Many sign up saying to home-sharing platforms stating that there will only be two adults and two kids. You subsequently end up with four adults, three drinking age teenagers, and four screaming kids.

– They have little respect for time, in terms of the lateness of the hour. The objective of having a good time carries on nightly, until the wee hours of the morning on your pool deck and porch.

– Things get broken, beyond ordinary wear and tear. Towels sometimes disappear into thin air.

– Included in the home-sharing contract is a standard cleaning fee. It rarely covers the extra work that my cleaners have to perform once the renters have left.

– Weekly vacation renters are harder on one’s property than monthly renters. You constantly have to repair more ‘dings and scratches’ and that is in addition to the regular upkeep. These may not be expensive repairs, but the property ends up requiring more effort and attention to maintain.

In comparison to monthly renters or snowbirds (vacationers that come down for the winter) who from my experience will leave the property better than they found it.

Proper screening is important in this business. I tell my prospects what’s expected of them, and if they need more I will suggest that my property may not be a good fit for them. TO HELL WITH THE MONEY, You can’t say yes to any request without fully knowing who is going to be staying in your property. Now I know for a fact that home-sharing platforms are now doing a better job at vetting inquiries. But you can still do your own thing. When I get a request, one of the first things I do is an internet search. I look for profiles on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or just view the results that come up on the first and second page of your search.

Brevard County has a bylaw that states that as homeowners I not allowed to rent for less than ninety days. I like to do my own checking but Airbnb acts as my property agent/manager. They are responsible for rentals and for collecting and submitting taxes to Brevard County.

As a homeowner, it is beneficial to me that I bear my share of the responsibility. Maintain or elevate the property value of my investment is paramount. It is also part of what homeownership is all about.

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