Professionally Maintained Screened in Pool
Relax on your Backyard Patio
Pool depth - 1 foot slope to 6ft
No Diving
Grilling on your Pool Patio
Garden area for your Pets
Hot Tub
Backyard Stone Walkway
Salt Water Pool
No Diving
Private Fenced in Backyard
Private Backyard
Dine Inside or Outside

Merritt Island Vacation Rental – Pristine 1500 square feet 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in Merritt Island with pool

This Merritt Island Vacation rental has a professionally maintained backyard. The pool is also screened in with a lockable screen door. In addition, a six-foot fence with lockable gates on each side surrounds the property. The one thing that gets into that pool area are the no-see-ums.

Relax on the Backyard Patio of your Merritt Island Vacation rental in the mornings with your favourite beverage. The family can have lunch or dinner on the outdoor dining table. The Pool depth – 1-foot slope to 6ft. Small kids can play in the shallow end supervised by an adult.

Merritt Island Vacation Rental

Merritt Island Vacation Rental

A large fenced-in backyard with garden and room for your pets to roam around the pool deck. Relax on your Backyard Patio and enjoy a beverage of your choice or sit in the hot tub. This Merritt Island Vacation rental has a no diving pool with plenty of space on the pool deck for grilling and other outdoor activities.

Do not use glassware in the pool area. Broken glass at the bottom of a pool can unknowingly cause serious injury to someone. In addition, the draining of the pool could lead to added cost.

The programming of the pool is automatic. The auto settings will turn on in the morning and shut off in the evening. Sutton pools in Merritt Island is responsible for maintaining the pool. A service man will drop over every Thursday morning to do his thing. If you have, any additional questions feel free to contact me first.

You may have to add water in the summer to the pool due to an increase in temperature in Merritt Island.

If you notice the water level is lower than one inch under the white rim that surrounds the pool. You should turn on the hose on the side of the house to top off the pool. Please remember to turn it off the following day. No problem if you add extra water. Big problems if the water levels get too low.

The pool and hot tub is heated with propane gas. When you arrive the propane tank will be full. One tank of propane gas is enough for your stay providing its used responsibility. This Merritt Island private vacation home is different in that aspect , In comparison to a hotel where the pool heater is constantly on.

If you need additional gas during your stay it will be your responsibility. A full tank of gas is around three hundred and fifty dollars and my provider only does fill up. The propane tank and gas gage is situated underground on the front lawn. It is easily identified by its black cover on the lawn.

During the months of January to March is the only time that most people in Merritt Island may want to consider increasing the temptress of the pool water. However, I will leave that decision up to you.

If you should decide to increase the temperature of the pool water you will use more gas because the volume of water is large. Normally most people will just heat the hot tub as needed. This way the gas will last your full stay.

Here are some things to keep it mind regarding the pool heater. If you heat the pool continually like they do at major hotels in and around Merritt Island, a tank of gas will last you a week or so.

It’s better to select your ideal temperature on the heater control. You will benefit from the automatic heater control, in comparison to maxing out the heart. Continuously having to go in and out to cool down is not my idea of fun.

Click on this link for video instructions on the operation of the STA-RITE Max-E-Therm Low 400 Pool and Spa Heater.