Fishing Cocoa Beach Pier fl

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Cocoa Beach

Fishing Cocoa Beach Pier fl.

Most people already know that Florida is a great holiday destination. In fact, the most difficult choice seems to be deciding where to go on your next vacation adventure. If you are finding yourself in search of a place that has surf, the sunshine, and great fishing then look no further than Cocoa Beach. While there, you can stay at an Airbnb property on Merritt Island. You will be staying in the lap of luxury while fishing Cocoa Beach pier by day, and enjoying great dining and cocktails by the pool. This is the stuff that great holidays are made of.

Things To Do At the Cocoa Beach Pier

With some of the beautiful and serene coastline in the region, there is no shortage of stuff to do at the Cocoa Beach Pier. The motto of this holiday destination is that the pier is about much more than fishing; it’s an adventure. That is certainly the case. The pier itself is a historic landmark conveniently located on the Space Coast of Florida. Cocoa Beach Pier fishing is made so great because it stretches some 800 feet out over the Atlantic Ocean. Not only does this provide fishers a great view of the water out on the horizon, but it also provides ample space for everyone to cast their line and catch their fair lot of fish.

Beyond fishing Cocoa Beach pier, guests can enjoy the numerous restaurants serving up fresh seafood. Pelican’s Bar and Grill, for example, has been serving the residents and tourists of Cocoa Beach for decades. They have been around so long for a reason. Their food is that good, and the service is warm and gracious with each and every visit.

The next time you’re there, consider the fisherman’s platter to get more than your fill. You will likely have plenty to take home for the next day as well. Pelican’s Bar and Grill is not shy about giving you exactly what you order. At this restaurant, and others on the pier, you will find a complete lineup of beers on tap, all housed in a bar setting that is a replica of the bars of old. It is truly a memorable experience to eat and drink here, and with the backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean to calm you.

Plan Your Next Holiday Now

So, what are you waiting for? Cocoa Beach Pier fishing is an excellent way to relax, enjoy the company of friends and family, and recharge your batteries. Or you can try one of Cape Canaveral Fishing Spots. The AirBNB property on Merritt Island is a great place to call home base. It is easy to get around and enjoy all of the many attractions of the area, with the pier certainly being among the highlights.
At Cocoa Beach Pier, you don’t even have to bring your equipment, as a complete array of poles and tackle can be rented for a nominal charge. Beyond the great fishing and dining options, you can engage in a game beach volleyball, go surfing, and enjoy the safety and security that comes with lifeguards being on duty year round.

A Bit of History

Cocoa Beach Pier is considered a historic landmark on Florida’s Space Coast and a piece of Florida’s history. Cocoa Beach Pier was built in 1962 by local businessman Richard Stottler and it’s more than Just a Fishing Pier.

The world-famous Cocoa Beach Pier stretches 800 feet over the Atlantic Ocean. The Pier was originally known as Canaveral Pier. It was originally built with more than 2.5 miles of boardwalk boards and 270 pilings, each 40 feet in length.

Since the creation, the Cocoa Beach Pier has been a favorite place where both locals and tourists frequent. The Pier has undergone many changes over the years. It is noted that longtime locals remember the days in the early 1960s when people could drive their auto right up onto the Pier itself.

The Pier, like many places in Cocoa Beach, also offered a magnificent view for the Mercury, Apollo and Space Shuttle launches at nearby Cape Canaveral. (which was known as “Cape Kennedy” in honour of President John F. Kennedy between 1963 and 1973). Celebrated astronauts such as Alan Shepard, the first American in space, reportedly visited the Cocoa Beach Pier.

Surfing Capital of the East Coast

Surfing Cocoa Beach

Surfing Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach progressed into the “Surfing Capital of the East Coast” and the Pier became the center of surfing activity in the area. It attracting people like Dick Catri (some considered him the “Godfather of East Coast Surfing”). As well as Cocoa Beach native and 11-time world champion Robert Kelly Slater. He is an American professional surfer known for his competitive prowess and style.

For a matter of fact, one of the original Ron Jon Surf Shops opened directly on the Pier around 1963, the small surf shop was so successful that the owner Ron DiMenna moved to a larger location at Ron Jon’s present location at State Road 520 and A1A.

More History

The Pier is also the site of immensely popular annual surfing, fundraising, and social events. In the spring of 2014, David Siegel, President and CEO of Westgate Resorts, and his longtime business associate Jim Gissy purchased the Pier from the original owners, the Stottler family. Both men have strong ties to the Central Florida region and look forward to continuing and enhancing the wonderful traditions of the Cocoa Beach Pier.

Back in the day, Cocoa Beach Pier was also home of a popular bustling dance club called Asylum. Which had a fantastic cosmic lighted dance floor and live rock music. Numerous musical acts have played at the Pier over the years. Artist such as BTO, The Edgar Winter Group, Beach Boys, Flock of Seagulls, UB40, Ziggy Marley, Maxi Priest and more.

Cocoa Beach Pier FL

Cocoa beach Pier from the beach

The Pier experienced a $2 million makeover and expansion In 1983. The award-winning Pier House Restaurant . today it’s known as the Atlantic Ocean grille.

The restaurant has been awarded “Best in Brevard” and “Best Restaurant with a View” by Florida Today newspaper. In 1984, the Pier changed its name from Canaveral Pier to its present name, Cocoa Beach Pier. The first Cocoa Beach Fest was held at the Pier in 1989.

Today, the Pier attracts more than one million visitors annually and is home to four restaurants, five tropical bars, gift shops and boutiques. It is also a desirable destination for visiting cruise ships passengers.
The Cocoa Beach Pier provides a graceful location with remarkable ocean views for the unspoiled beach wedding, vow renewal, or reception.

Cocoa Beach Pier has developed a status over the years for its great fishing! You can catch anything depending on the season. Pier fishing opens at 6 AM daily.


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