How to operate the pool heater

How to Operate the STA-RITE Max-E-Therm Low 400 Pool and Spa Heater


Most of the problems with the STA-RITE Max-E-Therm Low 400 Pool and Spa Heater comes from the operator not following instructions. Common problems include, not turning it off after use, turning it on when there is no water circulating in the pool and not covering the STA-RITE heater back after use.

To ensure that the STA Rite heater continues to give us many years of excellent service, here are some best practices options you should follow.

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Historic Cocoa Village and Cocoa Village Playhouse

Historic Cocoa Village and Cocoa Village Playhouse

If you’re into a bit of American history, you should plan to visit Historic Cocoa Village, and Cocoa Village Playhouse, and cocoa riverfront park. It is the downtown core of the City of Cocoa.

Cocoa Village is a measure aside from busyness and a step back into time. It is a quaint part of town that offers artsy, coastal- free market, clothes boutiques, bamboo, and themed stores, together with a mixed bag of cafes and eateries.

It is Ideal for window shopping or enjoying just a pleasant stroll with your spouse in the afternoon. I don’t recommend you visit on Sundays because most of the shops are close.

Park and walk

It is only two maybe three blocks, with tree-lined streets that give you the feel as if you are somewhere in Europe. If you want to immerse yourself in the culture of the village, I recommend you park your car and walk.

Cocoa Village is one of those unique shopping and dining experience in a relaxing setting with a small town vibe.

Each store is exceptional and unique, and all have great finds, In comparison to those cookie cutter stores you find in malls.

Cocoa Village has loads of benches outside for the guys to sit, relax, and people watch as your partner or spouse hunt for that unique souvenirs to take home.

Stroll along the old, tree-lined roads and stores. Enjoy the relaxing feeling of a riverside community that many call is home.

Dine at one of our gourmet restaurants like Thai Thai Village Sushi or lunch at Ryan’s Village Pizza & Pub with a great view of the river.

If you are into theater and plays, the highlight of your visit should include a show at the historic Cocoa Village Playhouse. Cocoa Village is renowned for its local theater that has top notch musical productions.

Cocoa Village Playhouse

Created as the “Aladdin” theater, the doors opened showing silent movies. Afterward, Brevard’s first “talkie movie house that is ” became known as “the showplace of the Indian RiverZection”. Several decades and several owners after, the Town of Cocoa bought the building and renamed The Cocoa Village Playhouse.

Brevard Community College District Board of Trustees got the building. The school make the theater work in the best interest of the community and would take the duty of ownership.

The Trustees promptly created a 501(c)(3) not for profit Direct Support Organization with its Board of Directors. The mandate of the board was to make the Playhouse self-supporting.

The Playhouse started making community-based musicals in 1989 and was re-established working. As the scheduling became popular and grew, the Stars of Tomorrow Youth program was created. It began in 1992 starting with eight young people and has over 264 participants each season featuring youth ages 7.

The performer foundation has grown to over 600 volunteers who rotate with a core group referred to as the “Gold Star Performers” who perform in back-to-back performances each season throughout the generations each year.

Each year the Playhouse is supported by a crowd foundation of 4,000 season supporters and performances are run till each production finishes.

Major Renovations

In the summer of 2014, a $500,000 renovation job financed by a grant through the State of Florida to update the foyer and of areas mezzanine the theater was completed.

The Directors for the Playhouse and the City are excited about the future of the old community theater in Cocoa Village.

To date, the Playhouse has experienced remarkable renovations, including the building of a three-story technical support annex attached to the historic facility. The annex has empowered its operations to enlarge to include community occasions, peculiarity performances, and a community ballet company. Each year a recognized crowd base of 4,200 season patrons supports the theater. Each production regularly sells out before the run of each production is finished

Known to all as “Broadway on Brevard”, this team, staff, and volunteers are an excellent example of quality community best theaters in the state of Florida.

The Historic Cocoa Village Association

The Historic Cocoa Village Association (HCVA) represents nearly all the retailers in Cocoa Village. The HCVA’s mandate it to help support and boost the City of Cocoa and development of the Historic Cocoa Village community. The association sponsored and coordinate actions and community events in the area.

Capital raised, support various promotions, tourism development, and general marketing. The HCVA’s occasions that are most notable includes four Art and Craft Fairs, the Spring and Autumn Central Florida Car Shows, four yearly sip & strool and Blues & BBQ.

The HCVA also partners with Cocoa Main Street merchants in the participation of various other community events, plus the City of Cocoa supports actions and events throughout the year.

History of Cocoa

The first families to find Cocoa were Fishermen. They erected a post office at Magnolia Point. The city built the first commercial building around 1881.

The source of the name of the town is not certain. In 1925, the Cocoa Tribune printed several subscriber-provided reports of the naming of the city.

One reader credited Captain R.C. May for advocating the name at a town meeting in 1884. Further to Captain May’s idea, the group eventually picked the name “Cocoa” for the town’s organization with the cocoa tree.

Another narrative implies that a box of baker’s hot chocolate inspired an old woman and her idea was adopted. Another variation suggests that the bank of the Indian River dwelt an old lady who does provide sailors with hot cocoa as they traveled along the river.

As they passed, they might call out “hot chocolate, hot chocolate” until the girl provided them with refreshment. Whatever its source the name Cocoa had become forever connected with what was then an infant settlement.

In 1894 the City created its first charter. In the winter of 1894-1895, Cocoa endured a second severe economic setback when the “Great Freeze” ruined the citrus harvest and driven many citrus workers to seek new professions.

Population Development

During the second decade of the 20th century, economic development and population growth in Cocoa quickened. By 1930, the population had increased to 2,200.

The population increased dramatically following the development of the space industry, quadrupling from 3,098 in 1940 to 12,244 in 1960. Also, the surrounding region and Cocoa incorporated for the very first time with the tourism sector. Thousands came to witness the space launches.

Segregation was in full effect up until the 1960s. Elementary schools for black pupils including Monroe High School closed.

In 1964, the city assembled the Cocoa Expo Sports Center (Cocoa Stadium). The Colt 45s used the stadium for spring baseball training and Grapefruit League games.

The team became the Houston Astros. In the early 1980s, by requesting the Astros to pay for needed repairs the city tried to update the arena. In 1985, the team reacted by transferring its training. Because of this, the county authorities would be responsible for future discussions with major league teams.

Sometime in the 1970’s the downtown area of Cocoa went through a revitalization. They renovated the shopping district and Waterfront Park.

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Cape Canaveral Fishing Spots

Cape Canaveral Fishing Spots

Vacationers that are wanting variety in their vacation can look forward to embarking on a variety of different deep-sea or shoreline fishing adventures at various Cape Canaveral fishing spots.

Fishing is an everyday activity at Port Canaveral, and there are lots of methods to get it done. Try your luck fishing from the shore of one of the many fishing spots in Cape Canaveral areas if you want to maintain your feet on dry land.

Shoreline Fishing

Some say that the hottest place for shoreline fishing may be the Malcolm E. McLouth Fishing Pier at Jetty Park.

Anglers gather here around the clock to test their skills at Spanish Mackerel, Snook and other demanding game fish.

Shoreline fishing Cape Canaveral

Shoreline fishing Cape Canaveral

If you are fishing by boat, you can access the Atlantic Ocean through the Canaveral Barge Canal.  The Canal supplies an east-to-west connection between Indian River Lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean Florida, in two sections divided by the Banana River. It’s located 15 miles south of Titusville, Florida.

The Barge Canal is also a popular place for shoreline fishing. As a matter of fact, anglers travel all the way from Orlando to fish in the canal at the bridge and the surrounding areas.

Cape Canaveral Deep Sea Fishing

Consider hiring one of the many private charter boats. If you are on a tight budget, then a public fishing charter is your best bet. In addition, trips are available every day depending on the condition of the ocean.

My favorite is a public charter boat. The Orlando Princess. You can make it a full day or half day fishing trip. Furthermore, they also offer night shark fishing trips. They provide everything you need.

Fishing boat captains understand the best way to cater to almost any fisherman – from inexperienced customers that have never held a fishing rod to an experienced fisherman. Our fishing charters are fantastic for families and children at the same time!

Participate and experience  pulling fish like Amberjack, and Grouper, Snapper, Sharks. Try and tame Barracuda, Kingfish, and the fast and furious Wahoo. Experience the exhilaration of hooking into a Tarpon, Sailfish, and Dolphin.

 Malcolm E. McLouth Fishing Pier

Malcolm E. McLouth Fishing Pier is a 1,200-foot public fishing pier. Open 24 hours. It’s a concrete pier, well lighted, and equipped with complimentary fish-cleaning tables and completely accessible to the physically challenged. The view of a cruise ship going out to the ocean is fabulous from that vantage point.

The first two-thirds is just 4 feet. The fishing goes and comes but is consistently entertaining. I ‘d urge you attempt to be there during the Mullet run through early November. A river of Lady Fish and enough Mullet Blue Fish for everyone. The finest fishing I’ve ever had.

But the pier is considerably a lot more than only for fishing. Additionally, it is unbelievable to find the large boats with the Dolphins leading the way to come in and out of the channel. Perhaps best of all is the fact that quite rarely have I gone that there was not a few Manatee next to the pier swimming. It’s also common to see the giant sea turtles coming up for air.

Jetty Park

Jetty Park is among the most famous recreation areas in Brevard County. Designed shore wheelchairs give accessibility both to the pier and the shore. A renovated and enlarged building on the boardwalk houses an air-conditioned refreshment center and a lure and tackle store.

Jetty Park also includes a 126-site campground to complete RV hookups with choices from rustic tent places.


If you don’t know what this place is, I think you should. Jetty Park is a premier camping grounds that vacationers use to park their RVs, campers, pop tents, or just camping out on the beach in the literal sense. Jetty park offers many amenities, for example, you can park on or off the beach, enjoy shoreline fishing, off the peer shipping and watching the cruise ship dock and leave. Yes, it’s like your live version of watching the Titanic sail off into the sunset. With the campground having its private access to the beach, you never must worry about parking as well as long waits to even get to see the sand. Jetty Park has been providing families with a safe and vacation options.

You can take advantage of on shore salt water fishing and many have been successful in their efforts. They also provide showers and bathrooms for all its campers as well as a septic access for RVs. Each person also has their space so you never have to worry about someone taking your spot. Each lot is reserved and assigned to that camper.

You can find fees for day camping and parking at Jetty Park. For automobiles, day parking is $10.00. Camping fees range according to the season and the utilities contained.

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No Short Term Vacation Rentals In My Neighborhood

No Short Term Airbnb Rentals In My Neighborhood

My Airbnb vacation home is a spot where I can get away from the hassles of ordinary life. Including playing a round of golf, construct a sandcastle with my grandchildren, or just sleep by my pool. After all, I worked hard all my life and paid my dues to get to this point in my life.

Situated in the beautiful community of Island Crossing in Merritt Island. Our home is very close to Kelly Park and a five-minute drive to Cape Canaveral and Cocoa Beach

My family gets very excited when we travel to Florida. It’s hard to contain myself as I get closer to my vacation home. However, I have noticed that some of the homeowners in my area do not share the same enthusiasm.

To find out why I surveyed my neighbours and found that most of them could not recount the last time they went to the beach. They just do not go that often anymore and take the beach for granted. To them, the ocean is an everyday occurrence. It is not a special attraction like it is to visitors from up north.

Vacationers who go to Florida in the winter months all desire a comfortable place to stay. Within proximity to the beach and restaurants. Especially if they are on a relatively short getaway such as for a week or fortnight.

Perhaps such vacationers are more suited for hotels or designated rental areas closer to the beach. Typically, they have the same mindset as others who are there for short holidays. Most and are willing to tolerate the hustle and bustle of everyday enjoyment. It would seem obvious that residential areas may not be ideal locations for weekly vacation rentals.

Soon I learned, my community does not appreciate homeowners that do short term vacation rentals in my Neighborhood or weekly rentals. It frowns upon such owners, and it is not difficult to understand why. It is not a good experience for an owner, nor for the community as a whole.

Our property is both a personal vacation home and Airbnb investment. We are not fully retired, and so we also do a little vacation renting to offset the cost of ownership. Moreover, it is good to have someone in the house whenever we are not vacationing there. However, to maintain our standing in the community, we avoid weekly and short term rentals.

Allow me to mention below some of the reasons why I am not a fan of short-term rentals. Before doing so, I want to say that not all short-term renters are irresponsible. But as the saying goes, “it only takes a few bad apples to spoil the whole bunch.”

Reasons why I am not a fan of Airbnb short-term rentals

– Short-term vacation homes are often seen by some as the perfect ‘party’ venues for groups of young (and not so young) people. Some weekly renters seldom treat your property with the same care and respect as their own. They approach weekly rentals as if they are staying in an inexpensive hotel.

– Some people who rent short term do not have the same attitude as those who rent for 30 to 90 days. Weekenders come in with primarily one thing in mind, “we are here for a week of sun and fun, and we are going to go all out.” They have no respect for the neighbourhood or your neighbours. They arrive with an attitude of “I paid my money, and I will do what I want.”

No weekly vacation rentals

Vacation renters having a good time in the pool

– Many sign up saying that there will only be two adults and two kids. You subsequently end up with four adults, three drinking age teenagers, and four screaming kids.

– They have little respect for time, in terms of the lateness of the hour. The objective of having a good time carries on nightly, until the wee hours of the morning on your pool deck and porch.

– Things get broken, beyond ordinary wear and tear. Towels sometimes disappear into thin air.

– Included in the rental contract is a standard cleaning fee. It rarely covers the extra work that my cleaners have to perform once the renters have left.

– Airbnb weekly vacation renters are harder on one’s property than monthly renters. You constantly have to repair more ‘dings and scratches’ and that is in addition to the regular upkeep. These may not be expensive repairs, but the property ends up requiring more effort and attention to maintain.

In comparison to monthly snowbird renters who from my experience will leave the property better than they found it.

Proper screening is important in this business. You can’t say yes to any request without fully knowing who is going to be staying in your property.

In addition, Brevard County has a bylaw that states that as homeowners I not allowed to rent for less than ninety days. Airbnb acts as my property manager. They are responsible for rentals and for collecting and submitting taxes to Brevard County.

As a homeowner it is beneficial to me that I bear my share of the responsibility. Maintain or elevate the property value of my investment is paramount. It is also part of what homeownership is all about.

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Airbnb Merritt Island Florida 923609

Airbnb Merritt Island Florida 923609

Discover the perfect blend of tranquility and excitement with a vacation on Merritt Island. Search Airbnb Merritt Island Florida 923609 to find details about a charming residence for rent on Florida’s eastern Atlantic coast.

Merritt Island is on the famous Space Coast, where white sand beaches coexist with space-age attractions, especially the Kennedy Space Center. It’s a family-friendly area with easy access to Cocoa Beach, a relaxed town with superb beaches. Also nearby is the Canaveral National Seashore, a protected coastal gem with miles of unspoiled shoreline.

Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach Florida

Convenient Reservations

Booking this Merritt Island rental is easy. You can quickly find all the information about the property on the Airbnb user-friendly website. Be assured that the rental home will not just meet your expectations but exceed them.

The home features outstanding extras such as a private pool and hot tub, a fenced yard, and a luxurious master suite with a queen-size bed and walk-in shower. With three bedrooms and two bathrooms, the home is perfect for groups up to six people. The spacious garage accommodates two cars for worry-free parking.

Browse the Photos

At Airbnb, you don’t have to rely on descriptions alone. The website offers a photo gallery where you can see for yourself the many features of this property. Its open floor plan, tiled floors, and vaulted ceilings create an airy, light-filled space for a refreshing break after a day at the beach or trips to nearby attractions.

Besides a dining area, the house has a breakfast bar and nook for enjoying delicious meals that are fun to prepare in the well-appointed kitchen. With so many amenities at your home-away-from-home, you may find yourself kicking back here for days at a time.

This Airbnb Merritt Island vacation rental is ideal for peaceful getaways with family and friends. It’s not for large events or parties, and it is a non-smoking home. The home’s pristine condition and its beautifully maintained setting speak of the owners’ devotion to the highest standard of cleanliness and comfort for their guests.

Enjoy the Beach

The home is located minutes from the ocean, so you can quickly satisfy your craving for sun and surf. The long, rolling breakers of Cocoa Beach make it hugely popular with both families and surfers.

They named it one of the best surfing locations on Florida’s east coast. It’s also wonderful for swimming, building sandcastles, and just lolling in the sun. The casual town is dotted with restaurants, so a day trip requires little advance preparation. Grab your swimming gear and go.

Scenic Wonders

A more secluded option is Canaveral National Seashore. The U.S. government created the park in 1975, recognizing the beauty of its dunes, forests, and miles of sandy beach. From parking lot No. 1, you can see Kennedy Space Center across the water.

The park may be closed if a rocket launch is underway. That happens about 15 times a year. The main draw for visitors is the undisturbed shoreline populated with thousands of marine and coastal wildlife species. It’s a refuge for endangered sea turtles including the massive leatherback.

Picture of a Crane

Picture of a Crane

You can expect to see dozens of wading birds, reptiles, and crustaceans. Stop at Apollo Visitor Center to plan your visit, find a trail map, and learn about the adjacent Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge.

Exciting Excursions

Located 45 minutes from Orlando, this Airbnb Merritt Island vacation rental is a great starting point for trips to Disney World. There’s no need to make difficult choices.

Your rental is close enough for multiple visits to the theme park complex. You can explore the Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, and Epcot at your leisure.

Try a Water Sport

Surfing is the big kahuna of water sports, but it’s not the only thrill that awaits you. For an amazing adventure, try fly-boarding. You sail over the waves as powerful jets of water boost the board under your feet.

Boarders say it’s like striding on their own personal geysers. You will also find windsurfing, kayaking and jet-skiing at the many sports shops on the island. A top fishing spot is Mosquito Lagoon, also known as the redfish capital of the world.

The shallow lagoon between New Smyrna Beach and the northern tip of Merritt Island teems with fish all year.

Have a Blast

A holiday on Merritt Island is not complete without a trip to Kennedy Space Center.

You can board the shuttle Atlantis for a simulated launch into orbit around the Earth. Interactive exhibits and IMAX films will increase your knowledge of U.S. space exploration.

The United States is the only nation to put a man on the moon.

Your Florida vacation can be relaxing, energetic, or a combination of both when you choose Airbnb Merritt Island Florida 923609.

In the words of Wikipedia, Airbnb is an online marketplace that enables people to list, find, then rent vacation homes for a processing fee. It has over 1,500,000 listings in 34,000 cities and 191 countries. Founded in August 2008 and headquartered in San Francisco, California, the company is privately owned and operated.

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Fishing Cocoa Beach Pier fl

Fishing Cocoa Beach Pier fl.

Most people already know that Florida is a great holiday destination. In fact, the most difficult choice seems to be deciding where to go on your next vacation adventure. If you are finding yourself in search of a place that has surf, the sunshine, and great fishing then look no further than Cocoa Beach. While there, you can stay at an Airbnb property on Merritt Island. You will be staying in the lap of luxury while fishing Cocoa Beach pier by day, and enjoying great dining and cocktails by the pool. This is the stuff that great holidays are made of.

Things To Do At the Cocoa Beach Pier

With some of the beautiful and serene coastline in the region, there is no shortage of stuff to do at the Cocoa Beach Pier. The motto of this holiday destination is that the pier is about much more than fishing; it’s an adventure. That is certainly the case. The pier itself is a historic landmark conveniently located on the Space Coast of Florida. Cocoa Beach Pier fishing is made so great because it stretches some 800 feet out over the Atlantic Ocean. Not only does this provide fishers a great view of the water out on the horizon, but it also provides ample space for everyone to cast their line and catch their fair lot of fish.

Beyond fishing Cocoa Beach pier, guests can enjoy the numerous restaurants serving up fresh seafood. Pelican’s Bar and Grill, for example, has been serving the residents and tourists of Cocoa Beach for decades. They have been around so long for a reason. Their food is that good, and the service is warm and gracious with each and every visit.

The next time you’re there, consider the fisherman’s platter to get more than your fill. You will likely have plenty to take home for the next day as well. Pelican’s Bar and Grill is not shy about giving you exactly what you order. At this restaurant, and others on the pier, you will find a complete lineup of beers on tap, all housed in a bar setting that is a replica of the bars of old. It is truly a memorable experience to eat and drink here, and with the backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean to calm you.

Plan Your Next Holiday Now

So, what are you waiting for? Cocoa Beach Pier fishing is an excellent way to relax, enjoy the company of friends and family, and recharge your batteries. The AirBNB property on Merritt Island is a great place to call home base. It is easy to get around and enjoy all of the many attractions of the area, with the pier certainly being among the highlights.
At Cocoa Beach Pier, you don’t even have to bring your equipment, as a complete array of poles and tackle can be rented for a nominal charge. Beyond the great fishing and dining options, you can engage in a game beach volleyball, go surfing, and enjoy the safety and security that comes with lifeguards being on duty year round.

A Bit of History

Cocoa Beach Pier is considered a historic landmark on Florida’s Space Coast and a piece of Florida’s history. Cocoa Beach Pier was built in 1962 by local businessman Richard Stottler and it’s more than Just a Fishing Pier.

The world-famous Cocoa Beach Pier stretches 800 feet over the Atlantic Ocean. The Pier was originally known as Canaveral Pier. It was originally built with more than 2.5 miles of boardwalk boards and 270 pilings, each 40 feet in length.

Since the creation, the Cocoa Beach Pier has been a favorite place where both locals and tourists frequent. The Pier has undergone many changes over the years. It is noted that longtime locals remember the days in the early 1960s when people could drive their auto right up onto the Pier itself.

The Pier, like many places in Cocoa Beach also offered a magnificent view for the Mercury, Apollo and Space Shuttle launches at nearby Cape Canaveral. (which was known as “Cape Kennedy” in honour of President John F. Kennedy between 1963 and 1973). Celebrated astronauts such as Alan Shepard, the first American in space, reportedly visited the Cocoa Beach Pier.

Surfing Capital of the East Coast

Surfing Cocoa Beach

Surfing Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach progressed into the “Surfing Capital of the East Coast” and the Pier became the centre of surfing activity in the area. It attracting people like Dick Catri (some considered him the “Godfather of East Coast Surfing”). As well as Cocoa Beach native and 11-time world champion Robert Kelly Slater. He is an American professional surfer known for his competitive prowess and style.

For a matter of fact, one of the original Ron Jon Surf Shops opened directly on the Pier around 1963, the small surf shop was so successful that the owner Ron DiMenna moved to a larger location at Ron Jon’s present location at State Road 520 and A1A.

More History

The Pier is also the site of immensely popular annual surfing, fundraising and social events. In the spring of 2014, David Siegel, President and CEO of Westgate Resorts, and his longtime business associate Jim Gissy purchased the Pier from the original owners, the Stottler family. Both men have strong ties to the Central Florida region and look forward to continuing and enhancing the wonderful traditions of the Cocoa Beach Pier.

Back in the day, Cocoa Beach Pier was also home of a popular bustling dance club called Asylum. Which had a fantastic cosmic lighted dance floor and live rock music. Numerous musical acts have played at the Pier over the years. Artist such as BTO, The Edgar Winter Group, Beach Boys, Flock of Seagulls, UB40, Ziggy Marley, Maxi Priest and more.

Cocoa Beach Pier FL

Cocoa beach Pier from the beach

The Pier experienced a $2 million makeover and expansion In 1983. The award-winning Pier House Restaurant . today it’s known as the Atlantic Ocean grille.

The restaurant has been awarded “Best in Brevard” and “Best Restaurant with a View” by Florida Today newspaper. In 1984, the Pier changed its name from Canaveral Pier to its present name, Cocoa Beach Pier. The first Cocoa Beach Fest was held at the Pier in 1989.

Today, the Pier attracts more than one million visitors annually and is home to four restaurants, five tropical bars, gift shops and boutiques. It is also a desirable destination for visiting cruise ships passengers.
The Cocoa Beach Pier provides a graceful location with remarkable ocean views for the unspoiled beach wedding, vow renewal, or reception.

Cocoa Beach Pier has developed a status over the years for its great fishing! You can catch anything depending on the season. Pier fishing opens at 6 AM daily.


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Airbnb Merritt Island Vacation Rental 923609

Airbnb Merritt Island Vacation Rental – Good News. Airbnb is now collecting Tourist tax on Vacation Rentals in Brevard County.

Good news from Airbnb Merritt Island Vacation Rental. Collecting and remitting taxes is about to get easier. We’re pleased to announce that we’re starting an occupancy tax programme in your area.

This program—which begins on March 15, 2016—is designed to make collecting and remitting taxes easier for Airbnb hosts. When we collect this tax from guests on your behalf, it won’t affect your payouts. Just like before, you’ll receive your accommodation fee minus the Airbnb host service charge.

Airbnb Vacation Rental

Airbnb Vacation Rental 923609 Backyard Pool

What is changing

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Kelly Park Merritt Island Florida

Kelly Park Merritt Island Florida is located just off the #528 at 2550 N. Banana River Drive Merritt Island, FL 32952. It is a 15 –acre River Park universally renowned for its windsurfing and fishing on the Banana River.

It features a sailboard/windsurfing staging area with sandy beach and shower, boat ramps with dock and nearby parking for your cars and boat trailers.


KellyPark Merritt Island Calema Windsurfing

Stay close to the park in a vacation home. Currently, Kelly Park receives more than 200, 000 visitors every year. Hence it is one of the most popular parks in the Merritt Island Florida region. Its popularity may be attributed to the many attractions and amenities it offers.

They include boat ramps and docks, expansive parking lots for boat trailers and cars. You will also find grills, restaurants, a scenic lagoon, a fishing pier and boardwalk. Kelly Park hosts a large number of visitors—especially in summer and during holidays.

Kelly Park Merritt Island

Kelly Park Merritt Island

During such days, the park is normally filled to capacity a few hours to mid-morning. Currently, there is a maximum number of visitors who can be allowed into the park every day. This capping was introduced to offer a unique recreational experience. You should consider booking early to partake in various recreational activities in this park. Kelly Park has many attractions to offer you during your vacation, some of which are described below.

Near a small picturesque lagoon, a paved walkway connects a modest-size pavilion. You will also find grills, bathrooms, drinking water and recreation facilities.

With magnificent waterfront view, two small pavilions and picnic tables offer ample seating at the river’s edge. On any giving day, you can watch the windsurfers as they go by on the Banana River.

It is the perfect location to teach younger children to do shoreline fishing while having a picnic. Kelly Park also attracts various organizations and groups during the year. If you are planning to bring a large group of people to Kelly Park, I recommend you make reservations.

Fishing is a big deal in Florida, and Brevard County is no exception.
It seems to be the right mixture of saltwater, mangrove shorelines and grass flats creating some remarkable game fishing. Anglers come in search of redfish, sea trout, tarpon and many other species of fish.

They start coming in as early as 4 AM in the morning to launch their boats.
In most areas, the average depth of the brackish water is only ten feet. In the early mornings or afternoons, it is common to see dolphins chasing the various species of game fish.

Depending on the time of year, you will see different types of birds. Including Migratory Ducks such as Green-Winged Teal, Common and Red-throated Loon, Horned Grebe, Shorebirds, and Waders.

The Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge.
In addition to its proximity to Port Canaveral. You should consider visiting Merritt National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge is about 140000 acres large and is home to numerous bird and wildlife species. You should visit the reserve between autumn and spring. This is a period when more than 350 bird species fly across the reserve during their annual migration. Additionally, the park has more than 1,000 plant species and is bustling with wildlife throughout the year.

The Kennedy Space Center.
Next to the wildlife reserve is the Kennedy Space Center. This is another place you should consider visiting during your vacation. Not only is this the only functioning space shuttle site in the country. It also features a rich history and an array of attractions. IMAX movies are screen in the Visitor Complex. If your child is taller than 44 inches, he or she will have the opportunity to experience the Shuttle Launch Experience. This is offered through a motion simulator ride for the kids.

If you are traveling from the Orlando Airport, it is an easy drive with little or no turns. After you exit the airport and head east on 520 for exactly 40 miles, then turn on exit 52 or Banana River Drive. Head south for a couple of hundred yards and you will see Kelly Park on the left.

Kelly Park West.
On the west side of banana river drive, south of Kelly Park ease is Kelly Park West. It is a 41-acre community park with fields with tennis courts, soccer fields. The paved walkway around the areas is ideal for excising including walking and as running tracks.

The Sign for Kelly Park West

The Sign for Kelly Park West

It also has a playground, concession facility, washrooms, a small fishing pier on a small brackish lake, drinking fountain pavilion and five grills add convenience for planned youth athletics at this park.

View of cruise ships from kelly-park

View of Port Canaveral from Kelly Park


Parking, Restrooms, Pavilion, Playground, Boat Dock, Concrete Walkway


Service animals only or dogs on short leash and only when leading dog between vehicle and boat.
Alcoholic beverages in designated areas only.
Other restrictions as posted.

Features and activities:

Beach Boat Ramp Dock
Drinking Fountain Fishing Grassy Activity Area
Grilling Stations Horseshoe Pit Non-Motorized Boat Launch
Parking Picnic Pavilion Picnic Table
Playground Restroom Shower
Volleyball Court Wildlife Viewing Wind Surfing

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Snowbirds and Brevard Counties Ninety Day Rule

Snowbirds and Brevard Counties Ninety Day Rule

As we age, it becomes harder to tolerate the cold weather in the north and countries like Canada.

For Florida snowbirds – retirees who travel south to get away from the cool and snow of winter. Vacation rentals offer an assortment of the life choices without the related monetary duty of owning a second home.

Despite where you might need to travel for the winter. You will find a place that is a good fit for you to get away from the ruthless winter. Owners tailor their accommodations specifically to snowbirds.

For snowbirds who do not own a winter getaway, vacation rentals are an ideal way to spend the winter in a sunny southern location.


Finding decent accommodation is not rocket science. First-time snowbirds and those looking for a long-term rental home in a new area may think they need to find a 55+ community. That is no true.

Vacation homeowners usually try to seek out long-term renters on vacation rental sites like Airbnb and Home Away.

Most savvy owners will reject short-term inquiries in the hope of landing a longer term rental from a snowbird. The hope is that they will return every year.

Merritt Island Florida offers many vacation rentals choices for snowbirds. The keys to Success is to start looking as early as possible.

You should plan a year in advance to reserve one of these vacation homes. You can rent a beachfront property. Alternatively, somewhere that is a short driving distance to Cocoa Beach. You can also enjoy the benefits of living in a quiet community home with an in ground pool.

Brevard Counties ninth day vacation rule

I am not a fan of short-term vacation rentals including weekends or seven days. Did you know that Brevard Counties ninth day vacation rule has adverse effects on the County’s economy?

Sure, the County is happy about the money they are generating from snowbird rentals. However, they leave a lot of it in the pocket of the Canadian snowbirds.

It leads me to wonder is Brevard County had any consultations with the snowbird communities in adopting the ninety-day bylaw.

Canadians make up a large number of the vacation rental community. However, a lot of them cannot afford to stay ninth days in Florida.

Canadians Snowbird will not make the long trip to Florida for just one weekend. When they travel to Florida, they like to spend at least thirty days.

They are usually retired, or semi-retires, adult couples with kids looking for a winter getaway. They are not weekend partyers looking to have a good time.

A thirty-day rental vacation rules are ideal for snowbirds rentals in Florida. The average Canadian cannot afford to spend ninety days anymore because of the value of the Canadian dollars.

The value of the Canadian dollar is hovering around seventy cents with no sign of recovery any time soon. Moreover, the average snowbird vacationer cannot afford to be away for so long.

A thirty-day vacation rental rule for traveling snowbirds can benefit everyone. Brevard County will generate more revenue from taxes. Property owners will do more business if they change the ninety-day rental rule to thirty days.

Brevard County should encourage the larger vacation rental websites like Home away, VRBO, and to take action for collecting and submit taxes.

Large corporations are owners so its time they play an active part in the process of tax collecting. That will also eliminate the need for Counties to hire additional enforcement offers.

Looking for a place to stay on your next vacation?
Cocoa Beach Vacation Homes 1285 Potomac Dr, Merritt Island, FL 32952, USA